A well-designed, successful garden can be truly uplifting — not just for people, but for the wildlife using it and for the architecture it complements.

Whatever the size of the garden, its success always flows from the client’s enthusiasm and their trust in the design process. From this comes a garden with the right mood and function, one that blends seamlessly with the client’s lifestyle.

When we create a garden, plants are the final decorative and structural element and also the most important for producing an emotional response — the ultimate sign of a successful design project.

My approach to garden design both builds on my special knowledge of plants and seeks direction from three sources:

  • The client’s personality, preferences and budget
  • The architecture
  • The nature of the site

Working with nature and not against it is vital if we are to produce better environments for both people and wildlife, and in successful garden designs plants and hard landscaping combine to bring harmony to the setting.

Plants alone are however not always enough, and I like to introduce art in the form of, for example, sculpture, decorative pots, and subtle lighting to bring the garden to life at night.

For me, the greatest achievement is to see a garden change people’s lives — it’s a pleasure to see them using and enjoying more of their gardens, particularly for relaxation and entertainment, and to see often how they go on to become enthusiastic gardeners themselves.

Please contact me to find out more about how I can help you bring your ideas to life and my approach to the garden design process.